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Celtic Druid Alliance

The Celtic Druid Alliance is an international platform whose main objective is to integrate all Celtic Druidic Expressions and bring together those groups which observe principles and develop behaviours that truly mirror the fundamental values of the Primordial Tradition. The Celtic Druid Alliance constitutes itself as a Pan-Celtic organisation aiming at caring, guiding and establishing horizons of continuity for Celtic Spirituality and Culture.

The Celtic Druid Alliance had its inaugural gathering in  Ireland on the 22nd and 23rd September 2016. The Celtic Druid Alliance is a European-based global organisation providing a platform for compliance with the Primordial Tradition. It is founded on the integration of the true principles of Love and Light and is open to include all beings and ritual gatherings that truly aspire to a connection with a Celtic appreciation of the Primordial Tradition.


The Celtic Druid Alliance is guided bu an Inner Council whose members are senior Celtic Druids from within its member organisations. The last meeting of the Celtic Druid Alliance took place in 2019, during the September Equinox weekend at Centro Druídico da Lusitânea, Reguengos, near Évora, in Portugal.

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