Gathering 2016 - Ireland

Celtic Druid Alliance had its inaugural gathering from the 23rd-25th of September 2016 at Temple Crom, Co. Roscommon in the Sovereign Republic of Ireland.

What an absolutely fantastic inaugural gathering we enjoyed. We had excellent weather, great craic, brilliant music as well as Ancient Music and inside all this we celebrated the 2nd harvest of the Autumn Equinox and we also hosted a Welcoming and Naming ceremony for a little girl.

On the Sunday after the baby naming and closing ceremonies - the weather cleared enough for some outdoor activities. In the pic below you see the gathering that had just returned from taking our wooden Crom on walkabout to visit two standing stones on the Temple tree farm and had returned to the fire box in our Outer Bog Oak Temple (in front of the Temple Crom roundhouse). Apple brandy was shared in small glasses and an offering was made to the spirit of fire - the spirit of Crom responded with a playful fire dragon energy to /|\ Lanon (photo). 

Niamh and Con just want to say a public thank you to all who attended the Inaugural Gathering of the Celtic Druid Alliance. We enjoyed your company, your music and your doing of household things without being asked. Temple Crom was packed to capacity with men and women from all over the world. The multiple ceremonies were full of feeling and warmth.

/¡\ Con and /¡\ Niamh

Gathering 2019 - Portugal


The 2nd Gathering of the Celtic Druid Alliance (CDA) was hosted by the Assembleia da Tradição Druídica Lusitana (ATDL) and took place in Portugal, near the city of Évora, more specifically in Reguengos de Monsaraz, on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of September 2019.

Those were days full of joy and good mood, accompanied by excellent food and drink that delighted everyone. The weather was a little rainy, but it made it possible to carry out various activities, such as the workshop conducted by Ver Druis Gutuater /¡\ Lanon on some movements of Air Froud, the tour of some megalithic monuments in the region, the Autumn Equinox Celebration and the Union of Hands of two Lusitanian Companions.

Music could not be missing either and at the end of the second day of the Meeting, «Trebaruna» hosted the Celtic Musical Moment provided by Sebastião Antunes accompanied by his flute and violin and by João Ramos with his bagpipe.

The Celtic Druid Alliance considers that this was the right moment to create a context that allowed for the meeting, discussion, and reconstruction of a Celtic heritage that is common to us and to re-establish friendly reciprocity between our Communities.

/¡\ Arhuanie Adaltena​