Embracing The Primordial Tradition

The Primordial Tradition has its expression in a clear practice of spirituality that has echoes throughout all eternity for all peoples. This Tradition is reflected by and included in the fabric of creation since the first night. In its conception: this practice assumes the existence of a Primal Source of Uncreated Light. The original reflection of this Uncreated Light is the great mystery of the Universal Spirit, which is unique and at the same time highly complex. It urges us feel to Love, to seek wisdom and continue with the pilgrimage intention of others that have enjoyed individual experiences of this emanated Light.

​From this understanding we have recognition of Traditional Lineages for each individual culture. The Celtic Druid Alliance seeks continued connection to and integration with our own Celtic ancestral appreciation of the Primordial Tradition. Always seeking a harmonic balance we must search for Truth by the natural light of reason while also observing the uncreated Light of the Universal Spirit. This search for Truth while honouring Spirit is further supported by regular liturgical practices and the establishment of local gatherings that by design integrate natural awareness, therapeutic healing, connection to true time and to Nature. This happens because Truth and Spirit are active participants in the universal cosmic intelligence.

It should be understood that we do not suggest that living people should ‘go’ to this Uncreated Light which is sealed to human reason, instead we should seek to be a channel or means of expression for its manifested uncreated latency here and now, through another light, Nwyer or Imbass. This is the subtle energy of life that guides us from the first night of the times. Because of our unique experiences as individuals, we know that we are all multiple reflections of the Uncreated Light in the constant human search for understanding and expression of the "Metaphysics of Light", which is the true practice of Primordial Tradition. This understanding lays the foundation for the principles of the Celtic Druid Alliance.

The Process of Embracing Your Celtic Path

​First, you have to wake up, then search for true meaning discarding the fake histories of the system, church and state, next you need to release all other forms of “not me” programming to find out who you truly are, then seek a path or paths as used by your ancestors to gain community awareness, knowing that each step is a ‘choice’ and that by choosing friends wisely – you will realise that you have already taken many steps because you have embraced your Celtic Path already. Sounds easy?

First, you have to wake up - There are times during night-time sleep that one can be aware or conscious of the fact that the body is asleep while the real you is awake. This can generate realisations or inspiration causing getting out of bed quickly to capture the ‘magic’ because it is an exciting dream world notion seeking expression. Day time sleep is ensured by social conditioning slavery and fake time manipulation and constant distraction by media’s wish fulfilment scam’s but at the same time: the real you can be awake or conscious in higher awareness for varying durations as the skill develops itself. There is no switch or pill or herb or chant to hold this connection except desire. It is about where you set your gaze; into the past, now or the future. You must wake up to the Now to consciously grow the skill of wakefulness. You must learn techniques on how to quieten the thinking mind having first separated your awareness from system indoctrination. With the thinking mind at rest you realise that your intuiting mind is also rested and that the over mind or higher self can listen, learn and express freely. Then you become aware of the need for humility and the need for community connection.

Search for true meaning - This is the seeker as warrior stalking truth like the hunter stalking prey. You must hold focus on what resonates or feels good in your heart as you eliminate system control conditioning bit by bit every day. As you develop inner awareness of the true or real you the opportunity to use simple choices will grow too. A simple technique is “that’s me” and “not me” which when applied to choices can keep you close to your heart’s desires and when applied to disinformation the propaganda becomes obvious. Another filter is estimating the end result of proposed actions as to whether they are directed at fulfilling the needs of “imperial hierarchies” or “community loyalty”. This works even if you are not in a community because desire energy generates reality. Sitting with like-minded people you trust can hold a spirit of truth over the group facilitating clarity on issues because of group synergy and suspended egos. Such groups may be difficult to find indicating perhaps that you could start one taking care that recycled philosophies from the past do not block the Now. Or you can seek out an elder of your tradition to help you find clarity. If you choose wisely your elder will not answer your query / question, instead he or she will try to guide you to understanding how to get the awareness to answer your own question/s. This search never ends but it does get easier as you make progress. Constant stalking is a big part of being awake but we should try to ensure that it serves our needs and does not dominate who we are.

Seek a path or paths as used by your ancestors - The most accessible path is the one from which ever land tradition you are in. If you are in Peru for example you would have a greater challenge to find the Celtic Path than you would if you were searching for it in any of the old Celtic Nations. The Celtic Path can exist outside of the old Celtic Nations such as it does in Brazil thanks to a strong homeland desire and the dedicated and capable skills of the teacher / facilitator. Go to your local museums and look with hunger at the incredible skills of those who lived on the land you are in a long time ago. Go to the libraries and read the mythology of the ancestors of place you are in, always filtering out the system propaganda needs of the scribes to glorify the victors. Visit places of great beauty such as the high views from mountains, waterfalls and great forests – have no agenda e.g. do not spend all your time taking selfies! Visit the sacred temples of your ancestors that you can safely access, leave no trace of your visit and take home any rubbish you find. Plan and make repeat visits to some of these temples where you can ‘plug-in’ to the energy node just by sitting still with thoughts suspended. Do not ask questions or make demands or dedications etc., just sit quietly with humble patience and enjoy the peace. It is likely that you will meet others on a similar quest as you. If you hear “I this or I that or my this or my that” throughout your first contact realise that it’s an ego speaking – yours or theirs! Do not judge too harshly as everyone is at a different stage on their path, just keep on seeking and choose your confidants wisely.

Each step is a choice - Bravery is needed to leave the familiar and embrace the adventure of finding and walking a Celtic Path for your lifetime. Every part of the process is a challenge to being safe in your comfort zone but as you begin to enjoy the experience the rewards more than compensate. Middle of the road tactics are not so rewarding as only half choices are being made allowing only half results and dissatisfaction. As you stand in the doorway of your totality your choices are to retreat, to stand still or to be brave and fulfil your heart’s desire. What can slow or stop this? It is the thinking mind still carrying belief in the social conditioning programme making decisions from a fear base. What empowers each step is desire, simple as that – dump all conditioning as you choose self-empowerment. Now, let me be very clear; not all adventures will turn out as hoped, it may rain, punctures etc. can happen and change the day completely but the point is that you expressed your desire for freedom with conscious choice so just enjoy every bit of it! A student visiting a faraway land contacted her teacher asking if it was ok to use the very strong herb of the land, the teacher asked why do you want to use it and the student replied it’s a powerful short-cut! The teacher asked if she was not enjoying every step of her Path reminding her that growth along the journey is what makes the Path so rich and valuable. She replied with thanks because she remembered that when personal knowledge and direct experience are combined that this creates the wisdom she was seeking. There are no short cuts to self-awareness, every step you take (choice you make) should be towards personal freedom and common unity.

Choosing friends wisely - This is a major part of growing up for every child. There is a social need to be in a gang, to ‘belong’ to a group of friends who share adventures. But, the problem is usually a hierarchy based on individual power control and this makes a pecking order where the new member is targeted with malice to further bond the gang / group. The adult version of this scenario is often more subtle or complex but the effect is the same. If you’re victimised with aggression or distasteful humour etc. in any group you are in then simply leave because you realise that as you climb up their pecking order then you will become the aggressor in time. The simple technique of “that’s me” or “not me” can be used to see where you are at with different friendships in your life. A true friend is one who will share life’s adventures without putting demands on you. You may only become aware of such friends when you look back – he or she never asked you for anything, there was always great trust and loyalty, you could depend on him or her, etc.. This sort of friendship happens because of a combination of things for each of the friends. Each would be on a path of self-development, enjoying life and life’s challenges and neither needs to control the friendship – just enjoying every step is what matters and if those steps are shared with another Light Being then the pleasure is increased tremendously.

You have already taken many steps - If you have just read my humble sharing above then realise that in essence you have already taken many steps on your Path. You may be at various stages of progress in the different aspects of embracing your Path but be assured that you are on it! If part of this essay annoys or is dismissed by you then my suggestion would be for you to look at why such a reaction is coming out. Stay aware that the process of detoxifying your consciousness is not just a weekend workshop, it’s a process, a way of being and a defence against the dark or heavy slave conditioning of the system, in time and with dedicated desire it should become automatic for those who hold wakefulness as a valuable state of being. The balance to detoxifying your consciousness is the search for true meaning and this must be done constantly with total focus and desire. As you let go of something you create a space for a new thing, so choose to fill that space yourself or else it will just get filled with other people’s stuff! This state is what is commonly known as “he or she has done lots of work on him / her self” and this is an often undeclared requirement for being able to join any common unity as a full respected member. Feed your growing self-awareness with immersion in Nature and regular visits to sacred sites, learn how to just sit and be when you are at the temples and in time you will feel the inner glow of centeredness and connection to those who have walked a similar path in the past. Watch out for those who would make your choices for you as it may be only for their benefit while disregarding you or your desires completely. Be ready to revise your decisions as your understanding grows and try to see learning curves instead of bad choices as this practice will protect you as you walk your Path. Friendships are often accidental or spontaneous, they can be exciting or adventurous or they can be demanding and dull based on who you sat near in school or work but truly valuable friends are those on a Path. When you get to the stage of having friends who on their own Paths you are in a group or community that works in the Light. Allow that group to have a leader / facilitator and try to help him or her to hold focus for the greater good of the group itself and ultimately humanity.

From Celtic Path to Celtic Druid - The above sharing is offered to help seekers find their way from Darkness to the Light. It is comprised of the many stages you must encounter before you can begin to train as a Celtic Druid. As a Celtic Druid you would continue your practice of the techniques as outlined above, adding more knowledge and experience from other more advanced techniques and maybe specialise in a specific area. But maybe the big job for any Celtic Druid is simply holding the gate to the Celtic Path open, smiling with true loyalty and trusting in the greater good all the time holding personal connection to the Primordial Tradition.

Celtic Druid Alliance´s
Duty Guardian ​