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Samhain 2018CE


Realising and Protecting your Celtic Path

The Guardians and Council Members of the Celtic Druid Alliance share what we see and believe to be clear guidance to seekers of the Celtic Path. The 'key' to this is that it is given as guidance, not rules. With guidance given each seeker is better empowered to make informed choices.


“Realising your Celtic Path” means - how to make your path real, how to realise (ie manifest) your path, how to recognise signs that you are on the true Celtic Path - it is intended to help seekers find their way out of the fog of tv mind, out of the disinformation of fake histories, out of the slave mind of the majority and so on...


“Protecting your Celtic Path” means - assisting seekers to avoid confused popular thinking to guide them back to the true path, it means not trusting the conquerors propaganda of the Celtic ways, avoiding 'heroes' replacements in robes etc etc...


It could be seen as 'do and don't' advice and warnings for those who are thinking about escape, for those who have just escaped, for those who have escaped but are lost, for those who incorrectly think they walk a Celtic Path.


Authorship is by the Guardians and Council Members of the Celtic Druid Alliance. It is our collective hope that this sharing will help with CDA group identity, and be of great importance to many people who are lost, dazed and confused but who are also looking for a way back home.


/¡\ Con Connor,

Past Duty Guardian of the Celtic Druid Alliance.



Honour Nature as Supreme Being as you comprehend, copy and compliment all. Live in three realms internalised as three cauldrons with the Sun's energy connecting everything. Respect the Ancestors who protected sustainable abundance of the Celtic Homelands. You've been here before, you are here now and will be here again.


Observe the principles, customs, traditions and practices of our Ancestors; - Honour the Ancient Celtic Deities; - Care for the Sacred Places of the Primordial Tradition; - Be at the service of the Universal Spirit; - Commit to seeking the Truth and actively participate in the Plan of Cosmic Solidarity.


Through your meditation and offerings: truthful contact with the spiritual world can restore harmony between people and the Gods. The main role of the Druid is to guide, to teach without intervening in the choices of the listener. Be kind to all humanity, including the mineral, plant and animal realms.


Your path is laying right beneath your feet, waiting for you to go forth, listening, watching, learning, being a part of it. Nature is talking to you, and people are too, friends as well as enemies. Listen to your heart, it knows your place and task in universe.


Spiritualization of his soul and reconnection to the Great Universal Spirit. To welcome inside of him the Benign and Loving Light. To guide his action for the exercise of an action full of value always rooted in the archetypal Principles of the "Good", the "Beautiful" and the "Truth".


Consider the Deities as emanations of an Original Singularity, First and Unconditioned Cause, not creative, but integral matrix of the potentiality of Life. Incessantly search for the Universal Sense and his spiritual sense. Have a simple but rigorous thought; a pure and humble heart, but courageous and loyal.


Read between the lines, understand that which is not evident, embrace the contradictions. Celtic teachings might not be as straightforward as others promise, but that is Nature: profoundly complex yet logical and fluid. Tear down old constructs, get confused on the way. The Celtic World will echo your every fibre.


The Celtic Path is a celebration of life, living in honour and harmony with nature. Recognising each moment as a choice to live happily through Love and express creative passion. It is a journey to share with others. It is the path of transformation to freedom.


The Path is done with open eyes to read the Book of Nature, because that is where all the answers can be found. We need to learn with the flight of the birds, with the cycle of seasons, with birth and death, and from that extract Love, Strength and Wisdom.


As a society we constantly look outside ourselves, outside our own indigenous culture, our sense of place and self. Other indigenous cultures look romantic, look "cooler". Reawakening our connection to our ancestors and looking within so we can project with-out, this will allow you full immersion to your Celtic Path.


You seek your way, and you have chosen to follow the Celtic path, so it will be shaped not only by mythology, spirituality, religion and Celtic divinities, but also by its culture, folklore, music and traditions. Spirituality and religion are always part of a specific culture, mixtures are not valid.


If the path of the ancient Celts is the one you want to travel, do not be fooled by those who show you a clear way through a gentle countryside, since that is not the true spirit of the Celtic way which, although full of stones and thorns, it can teach you that the path is more important than the destination.


I breathe my Celtic path with each step I take. It is the fire burning inside of me when the forest embraces me, when I watch the sunset or when I simply remember with connection with the [Everything? / All? / The Universe?], with my Ancestors and my Gods. Philosophy, culture, honour and faith day after day.





Avoid all monotheistic misogynistic syncretic eclectic hierarchical leaders. Shun all television performer personalities with their pic and mix philosophies which impose imperial thought control. Say No to covert social conditioning enforcing the hegemonic polemic of the alien episcopal supremacy. Choose friends who can enjoy a walk with you in Nature


The True Celtic Path enables humanely transferring the loving and liberating action of the Universal Spirit: its Truth leaves no room for illusions; its Values do not allow treason nor promote proliferation of prophets or gurus; its Spiritual Light is not lowered by earthly powers; its Love sets us free.


Do not use psychotropic substances or black magic or try to order the gods and elements to serve. Distinguish between the philosophical movements of the many popular initiatory societies and your own quest that remains unique within this Druidic Tradition. Be kind to all humanity, include mineral, plant and animals.


Additionally it is necessary to know the historic development of our (so called) society as well as to watch and listen carefully to what is happening, said and written around us, not from a fundamentalist view but from our ancestor’s one.


Dignify our singularity and that of all beings. Establish gregarious cooperative relations which promotes brotherhood and fraternity. To provide all beings as the same conditions to develop their singular appeals. To strive for justice, honesty and transparency, and to throw off individualism, lies, pride and envy.


Commitment to defend, maintain to update and enrich the Spiritual Sense guarded by the Celtic Tradition. Reject the imposition of collective, normative and de-characterizing rules; adhere freely to the action conduct norms, promoters of autonomy, affectivity and joy and that dignify the difference between beings.


When on the Celtic Path one has more questions than answers. Keep querying, keep moving, like spinning galaxies or the stream down the slope. Follow the spirals and move in circles, as taught by the stones. Nobody is infallible, so be honourable and keep your good humour when facing adversity.


Protect your path by having adventurous fun every day. Honour your passions and allow creativity to flow through you. Be kind to the world around you but do not allow fools to guide you. Learn what honour means and practice it on yourself.


The Path must not be static and with irrefutable truths written on the rock, for it will be bound to fail. We must learn to grow in harmony like trees, always towards the Sun, adapting to the direction of the wind, but with roots in the earth that sustains us.


It's our responsibility to protect our path, we do this by questioning who we are and why we walk this chosen path. What's the song our heart wishes to sing? Honouring the Celtic Path and the self, is to protect it. It's our responsibility and only we can do it.


The Celtic way, its beliefs, culture, myths all this must be protected from contamination, keep it safe from those who mix cultures on a whim, or include new age and esotericism. Get away from everything that, having the word "Celtic", is only a claim to attract customers or followers.


The Celtic spirit is the one which was bequeathed by hundreds of tribes that visited our lands, protecting their culture, their art and their language. This was their treasure and not a hotchpotch used to satiate the ego of the ‘masters of everything’, roaming the world under the Celtic banner, dishonoring their roots.


There exists a great confusion about what is Celtic or what is not. Reconstructionism is a useful key which only works with love of our roots and with a synchronous respect for the culture of our Ancestors.


Guardians of the Celtic Druid Alliance

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